Celebrity Scholarship Dinner

2017 Scholarship Dinner-- David Ortiz!


Previous Events

2018 Scholarship Dinner--Rodney Harrison

2017 Scholarship Dinner--David Ortiz

2016 Scholarship Dinner--Willie McGinest

2015 Scholarship Dinner--John Farrell

2014 Scholarship Dinner--Ray Bourque

2013 Scholarship Dinner--Ty Law

2012 Scholarship Dinner--Dennis Eckersley

2011 Scholarship Dinner--An Evening with Larry Holmes

2010 Scholarship Dinner--Troy Brown

2009 Scholarship Dinner--Carlton Fisk

2008 Scholarship Dinner--Bill Russell

2007 Scholarship Dinner--Andy Rooney

2006 Scholarship Dinner--Dr. Henry Lee

2005 Scholarship Dinner--Captain Alan Bean

2004 Scholarship Dinner--Flee Bailey

2003 Scholarship Dinner--Bill Walton


CMR is proud to have distributed over $150,000 in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate business students!  We thank all scholarship donors!


Posters From Our Previous Dinners

All posters created by:
Mike Mahoney
Senior Graphic Artist
UMD Publications Office