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Alumni Connections

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SMAST PhD grad on beach
How UMassD’s Craig O’Connell, PhD ’14 became the Shark Doctor

Known affectionately on social media as the Shark Doctor, O’Connell ceaselessly searches for ways to conserve marine wildlife and protect oceanic species from extinction, specifically sharks.

SMAST PhD Filipe Pereira
Filipe Pereira, PhD '23: Life-changing moments

First-generation college student Filipe Pereira, PhD '23, was recently awarded the prestigious President's Postdoctoral Fellowship at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Cassie Canastra
Cassie Canastra '20: Why she chose the PSM degree

Cassie talks about how SMAST's professional science master’s degree program helped her gain the knowledge and experience necessary to assist regulators in the management of fisheries.

Brooke Lowman at IMS Symposium
Brooke Lowman '21: The value of studying at SMAST

Brooke talks about the value of her experiences & the return on her investment as a PhD student at SMAST.

PhD student Micheline Labrie on an SMAST research excursion
Micheline Labrie '21: Protecting the ocean

Micheline Labrie talks about her love for the ocean, protecting the ecosystem, & her rich academic experience as a PhD student and research assistant at the School for Marine Science & Technology.

SMAST PhD student Robert Wildermuth
Robert Wildermuth '21: Nurturing the ecosystem

PhD candidate Robert Wildermuth, talks about his interests in conservation, experiences as a student at UMassD's School for Marine Science & Technology, & his plans for the future.

Nathalie Staiger
Nathalie Staiger '19: Marine conservation

Growing up in San Diego, Nathalie's frequent visits to the ocean inspired her to pursue a career in marine conservation.

Nishchitha (Nish) Silva
Nishchitha Silva '19: Passion for ocean sciences

Listening to wonderful stories about rivers and reservoirs as a child in Sri Lanka influenced Nishchitha's career path.

Chang Liu conducting research
Chang Liu '19: PhD in marine science

Developing geolocation methods to benefit fisheries stock assessment and management.

Sheel Prajapati '18
Sheel Prajapati '18: Coastal systems science

Sheel, who pursued her master's degree in coastal systems science at UMassD's School for Marine Science and Technology, outlines the keys to career success.

Greg DeCelles
Greg DeCelles '14: Living Marine Resource Science and Management

Alum Greg DeCelles talks about SMAST's collaborative environment and the added value of working with faculty, peers, and local fishermen

Marcos Sastre-Cordova on a boat on the water
Marcos Sastre-Cordova '14: PhD, Marine Observation Technologies

Alum Marcos Sastre-Cordova talks about his work as a systems engineer and explains how pursuing his doctorate degree at SMAST helped advance his career path.

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