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What Can I Do With This Major?

Discovering your career pathways

Welcome to "What can I do with this major?", an invaluable resource offered by the UMass Dartmouth Career Center to guide you in exploring the diverse career paths that stem from your chosen major. Whether you’re declaring your major or planning your career steps post-graduation, this tool is designed to illuminate the various opportunities that await you.

Why use "What can I do with this major?"

  1. Explore diverse career options: Understand the wide array of career possibilities that align with your major, from traditional paths to unexpected opportunities.
  2. Industry connections: Learn about the industries and sectors that typically employ graduates from your field of study.
  3. Strategies for success: Gain insights on enhancing your employability through internships, volunteering, and additional skill-building.
  4. Networking opportunities: Discover professional organizations and networks related to your major for further exploration and connections.
  5. Resource for long-term planning: Utilize this tool throughout your academic journey to align your coursework and extracurricular activities with your career aspirations.

Who should use this resource?

  • Undecided students: Gain clarity on the potential career paths associated with different majors.
  • Current students: Explore and plan for the career options available within your field of study.
  • Recent graduates: Identify possible job opportunities and industries where your major is in demand.
  • Alumni seeking a change: Use your major as a foundation to pivot into new career opportunities.

Get started

Embark on a journey of career discovery with "What Can I Do With This Major?" Dive into the possibilities (here) and begin mapping out your professional future today.

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