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Your gateway to in-depth industry insights

Welcome to IBISWorld, a comprehensive resource that offers an unparalleled depth of information on industries and market trends. At UMass Dartmouth we understand the importance of having access to detailed, reliable market data for our business students, entrepreneurs, and anyone keen on understanding the nuances of various industries. IBISWorld is here to support your academic and professional research with its extensive collection of industry reports.

Why use IBISWorld?

  • Detailed industry reports: Dive into over 1000 industry reports for an in-depth understanding of market size, trends, and forecasts.
  • Global and national data: Access global industry insights as well as focused reports on specific national markets.
  • Risk rating reports: Evaluate industry risks with comprehensive risk assessments to make informed decisions.
  • Financial analysis tools: Utilize financial ratios and benchmarks to analyze industry performance and trends.
  • Data-driven research: Enhance your research, business plans, or academic projects with data-backed insights.

Who should use IBISWorld?

  • Business students: Gain a competitive edge in your studies and future career by understanding industry dynamics.  
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs: Equip yourself with crucial market data to plan and pitch your business ideas effectively.
  • Academic researchers: Support your academic research with detailed industry insights and forecasts.
  • Anyone Interested in market trends: Stay informed about the latest industry trends and shifts impacting the business world.

Get started

Unlock a world of industry knowledge with IBISWorld. Start exploring in-depth market insights and elevate your research and business acumen to the next level.

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