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Four Year Career Plan

Download & Go: The Four Year Career Plan is a guide, or road map, to help you define and document the steps necessary to achieve your goals. This is a flexible process that can started or updated at any time. Reach out to a career advisor for guidance and how to implement your own individual career plan.

Cover Letter Checklist

Download & Go: Our checklist helps you identify the elements of a strong cover letter.

Graduate School Checklist

Download & Go: Follow our checklist for applying to graduate school.

Internship Checklist

Download & Go: What to consider when applying for an internship.

Job Search Checklist

Download & Go: Your checklist for navigating a job or internship search.

Interview Checklist

Download & Go: Our checklist will help you prepare for your interview.

Networking Checklist

Download & Go: Follow our checklist to build your career network.

Resume Checklist

Download & Go: The fundamental elements of an effective resume.


Cover Letter Guide

Download & Go: Learn how to create an engaging cover letter.

Graduate School Guide

Download & Go: Your guide to planning for and applying to graduate school. 

Internship Guide

Download & Go: Your guide to internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

Interview Guide

Download & Go: Your guide to a successful interview.

Job Search Guide

Download & Go: Your guide for a successful job or internship search.

Networking Guide

Download & Go: Tips, advice, and suggestions for successful networking.

Resume Guide

Download & Go: Guidelines for the content, format, and appearance of your resume.

Internship information

Experience Program Contract Form

Download & Go: Complete the Experience Program Registration Form & Contract.

Experience Program Instructions & Requirements

Download & Go: Check out our instructions and requirements for the Experience Program.

Experience Program Sample Contract

Download & Go: Our sample contract will help you get started.

Semester in the City Program Requirements

Download & Go: Learn more about the requirements for Semester in the City.