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GoinGlobal empowers international students with comprehensive country and city career guides, tailored job listings, and H1B visa employer databases. By offering insights into global job markets, cultural etiquette, and networking opportunities, it provides students with the tools to navigate their international career journey effectively. Use the GoinGlobal Employer database search* to find H1B Visa friendly employers

*You should not have to create an account with GoinGlobal. By accessing it through the myUMassD portal, you will be signed in through SSO.

Training opportunities

Engage with trainings and resources on how best to use this tool with a list of available trainings!

Country career guides

GoinGlobal offers detailed career guides for numerous countries. These guides provide insights into the job market, top industries, professional and social networking groups, resume and interview guidelines, cultural advice, and more. For international students, this means understanding the job market both in their home country and in their country of study.

City career guides

Beyond country-specific information, GoinGlobal provides city-specific career guides for major cities worldwide. These guides can help international students understand local job markets, industries, and opportunities at a more granular level.

Job and internship listings

GoinGlobal aggregates job and internship opportunities from various sources, making it easier for international students to find positions that match their qualifications and interests.

H1B visa information

For those looking to work in the U.S., GoinGlobal offers a database of American employers who have sponsored H1B visas in the past. This is invaluable for international students seeking sponsorship opportunities.

Cultural adaptation resources

Understanding cultural nuances is crucial for international students. GoinGlobal provides advice on cultural etiquette, communication styles, and business practices in different countries.

Resume and cover letter templates

GoinGlobal offers templates and samples tailored to specific countries, helping international students craft applications that resonate with local employers.

Networking opportunities

The platform lists professional and social networking organizations, which can be instrumental for international students looking to build connections in their field.

Language and translation resources

For students looking to work in non-English speaking countries, GoinGlobal provides resources to help them adapt their application materials and communication skills.

Employer directories

GoinGlobal's directories can help students identify potential employers in their field of interest, both in their home country and abroad.


In essence, GoinGlobal is a comprehensive tool that equips international students with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate the global job market effectively. Whether they aim to work in their country of study, return to their home country, or explore opportunities elsewhere, GoinGlobal provides the insights and tools to support their journey.

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