Recognizing student leadership

Dr. Tom Mulvey and Caitlin Egan ’20

Tom Mulvey and Kate Egan

After 34 years of working in student affairs at UMass Dartmouth and its predecessor Southeastern Massachusetts University, Dr. Tom Mulvey is quite familiar with the dedication and commitment student leaders make to create a vibrant educational experience for their peers.

Upon his retirement as vice chancellor for student services in 2002, Mulvey funded an endowed scholarship in his name that would be awarded annually to the current president of the Student Senate.

“I was always impressed with the students who were involved in student government,” Mulvey said. “They dedicated so much time to making the students’ voices heard. I knew that time commitment was at the expense of less hours working at paid jobs that were necessary to pay for college.” He established the Dr. Thomas M. Mulvey Endowed Scholarship to provide financial assistance in honor of those student leaders.

Caitlin Egan ’20, of Winthrop, MA, is this year’s recipient of the scholarship. Like Student Senate presidents before her, she takes this responsibility seriously, devoting an estimated 38 hours each week to her Student Government Association duties. “I consider myself a public servant,” Egan said. “I give students a voice, and try to be proactive in addressing students’ concerns.”

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me,” she said. “Being recognized for my work inspires me to keep going and fight harder for students.”

At UMassD, Egan found a home, and wants to other students to feel the same. “I love so much about UMassD; our nature paths, everyone in Student Affairs, Birch Grill, SGA. I cannot imagine being anywhere else.” In addition to the Student Senate, she is on the rugby team, the UMassD Theater Company, 20 Cent Fiction, and the Model UN Team. Egan is a history major and is interested in pursuing human rights law after graduation.

For Mulvey, the scholarship offers him the opportunity to remain connected to the campus that he too called “home” for so long.

“I have memories of sitting on the planning committee for the Roberts Hall, the first residential complex, which opened in 1972,” he recalls. “When I visit campus today and see construction on the new residence hall facility, I am so impressed with UMassD’s continued growth and expansion of programs. It’s an asset to have this resource in the SouthCoast.”


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