Marcus Howard '19 poses in front of a lake.
Marcus Howard ('19) is a photo retoucher and production artist at Life is Good in Boston. (Photo courtesy Marcus Howard)
Feature Stories 2021: Alumni Feature: Marcus Howard '19
Alumni Feature: Marcus Howard '19

A complete art education with a university experience made UMassD the place to be for Marcus.

Choosing UMassD

"I wanted a complete art education while also getting a university experience. Having ADHD, I felt it was best for me to be on a medium-sized campus with small classes and professors who knew me by more than my name. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to play sports throughout my college career."

What skills did you learn in the photography program and how did they prepare you for your career?

"I will answer this in two parts! The extremely in-depth black and white photography training was the most interesting and fun for me. Actual darkroom experience is something that I felt was very important to get out of my college experience.

"On the professional side, I think being able to articulate my ideas in a way that non-creatives understand, and being able to take and give productive criticism is huge. My professors did a great job challenging us in ways that made us think more critically about what message we were conveying with our work."

Where are you now?

"I work as a photo retoucher and a production artist at Life is Good, based in Boston, but to limit myself to that job title would not be doing myself justice. I have created content for multiple campaigns and marketing tools, sat on boards to create strategies for future projects, and I assist on every lifestyle photoshoot and product shoots. I also was a Digital Technician on a couple of projects as well. I love being at Life is Good because I have a great team and the freedom to do things I would have never been able to do anywhere else."

Advice for upcoming graduates and jobseekers

"I am a huge believer that one must always advocate for themselves. You aren’t going to get that gig or be able to shoot that event without being proactive, bold, and believing in yourself."

Marcus Howard '19 taking a picture.
(Photo courtesy Marcus Howard)