Jared Bucci, UMassD alum
Feature Stories 2021: Jared Bucci '10: Seizing opportunities
Jared Bucci '10: Seizing opportunities

Bucci leveraged his experience in brand marketing and retail search management to help his customers navigate Amazon Marketplace

When UMass Dartmouth students see an opportunity, they seize it.

Jared Bucci ’10 worked for a small California marketing agency, one of the first to specialize in ecommerce marketing and analytics for retail customers. Bucci quickly recognized a fast-developing trend: they wanted to play on Amazon.

“Every brand wanted to expand to sell their products on Amazon. This was the perfect opportunity to build a service that would allow them to focus on that goal,” Bucci said.

Bucci leveraged his experience in brand marketing, retail search management, and knowledge of Amazon Marketplace to establish Stay Hungry Digital, a forward-thinking, solution-focused agency to help customers sell their products on Amazon. He serves as Stay Hungry’s chief Amazon strategist.

“We know that nearly 50% of US households are Amazon shoppers, and even pay to shop there with their Prime membership. Amazon is simply not optional as a sales channel for brands; it is a strategic imperative.”

At Stay Hungry, Bucci and his team help brands identify their potential on Amazon and develop sales strategies for success. The process starts with designing the product catalog to increase the likelihood of a purchase through photos and descriptions, followed by implementing search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising strategies to drive traffic and sales. Everything is optimized for conversion on mobile devices. Analytical tools help the brand track inventory and evaluate the success of their strategies.

“Amazon is now the top sales channel for several of our customers, and we’ve helped brands grow to have an international presence,” Bucci said. “Amazon brings the most opportunity for a brand. ROI and conversion rates are higher than driving traffic to a brand’s own website.”

Always driven

Bucci, a Revere, Mass. native, and came to UMass Dartmouth to be close, but still far enough away from home. Far enough, at least, for Bucci to explore places and ideas that would always keep him asking, what’s next?

“I was determined to study abroad, so I got my paperwork in just in time to be able to spend part of my sophomore year in Barcelona,” he said. International marketing, business, and photography courses in Barcelona inspired Bucci to pursue a business marketing career path. While his courses at the Charlton College of Business provided the basics, learning abroad and exposure to diverse people expanded his understanding of the consumer behaviors that his company seeks to permeate today.

“When I am working with brands to optimize their product line, I always think back to my study abroad experience: would this product be successful internationally?”

In true Corsair fashion, Bucci is continually asking more questions and preparing for the future of his business and the brands they support. “We’re only in the first inning of ecommerce. As ecommerce strategists, we are always anticipating the next development or trend in consumer behavior.”

Bucci credits much of his success to experiences as a student at UMassD. Getting involved on campus helped him build skills that would translate to working in digital sales. He was a new student orientation leader, involved in student clubs, worked in Student Affairs, and held an internship at the Zeiterion Theater. “My advice to students is to utilize all of your resources around you at UMassD, surround yourself with ambitious and goal-oriented peers, and explore and travel as much as you can.”

Bucci is committed to supporting current UMassD students through mentoring and internships. “As alumni, we can help students who have the same determination we did as students by creating opportunities for them to build professional relationships and experiences that can help students envision a career path.”