Feature Stories 2022: A unique way to make an impact through the Corsair Network

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Feature Stories 2022: A unique way to make an impact through the Corsair Network
A unique way to make an impact through the Corsair Network

The Corsair Network develops mentorships between alumni and students

UMass Dartmouth alumni often think back to their time as students and fondly recall the people who guided them along the way, opened up doors to career opportunities, or exposed them to new ideas. The Corsair Network, a new online community for alumni, now makes it easy to return the favor to help current students.

In the Corsair Network, alumni create profiles with their career information and interests, and indicate that they are willing to mentor a student. Students search the alumni database to find an alum who matches their career aspirations and connect on the platform. The pair then arrange to meet either virtually or in person.

With their unique understanding of a UMassD student’s experience, alumni have the ability to share a Corsair’s perspective on how students can leverage their skills to stand out from the competition. As students learn more about their desired professions, mentors can give them a glimpse into what the job is like.

“My mentor has shared truly valuable feedback on what I can do now as a student to best position myself for a successful internship, then find a job after graduation,” said Capri McLucas ’23, an accounting major. “She gives me great advice, especially about making sure my communication skills are sharp.”

Nanette Vega ’96 values the role that mentors played in her college experience. Now, giving back to the people and places that helped shape her life has been a central focus for her. “The foundation for my career was built at UMass Dartmouth,” she said. “So many people invested in me. It is my turn now to give back.”

Vega is passionate about promoting mentorship roles for alumni and students through the new Corsair Network. As a first-generation college student, Vega values building connections with students so they can see themselves in the mentors and community around them. “There have been times where I did not see myself represented in certain spaces. Having a one-on-one mentorship relationship with an alum, especially for a first-generation student like me, has long-lasting benefits.”