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Corsair Career Spots

Enhancing your career readiness with expert insights

Welcome to Corsair Career Spots, a dynamic video resource designed to empower you with essential career knowledge and skills. In collaboration with Career Spots, the UMass Dartmouth Career Center offers a collection of concise, informative videos featuring industry professionals, career advisors, and successful alumni to guide you on your path to professional success.

Why use Corsair Career Spots?

  1. Expert advice: Access practical insights and tips from experienced professionals across various industries.
  2. NACE competency development: Each video aligns with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies, helping you build critical skills for the workplace.
  3. Diverse career topics: Explore topics ranging from resume writing and interview techniques to networking and personal branding.
  4. Flexible learning: Fit career learning into your busy schedule with easily accessible, bite-sized videos.

NACE competencies integration

Corsair Career Spots videos are curated to help you develop key competencies identified by NACE as crucial for career success

  • Critical thinking/problem Solving: Engage in complex situations and develop strategic solutions.
  • Oral/written communications: Enhance your ability to articulate ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Teamwork/collaboration: Learn to collaborate and build professional relationships.
  • Digital technology: Adapt to and leverage various digital tools in a professional context.
  • Leadership: Cultivate skills to inspire and guide others.
  • Professionalism/work ethic: Understand the value of integrity, responsibility, and hard work in your career.
  • Career management: Gain insights on effectively navigating and managing your career path.
  • Global/intercultural fluency: Develop an understanding and respect for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Who should use Corsair Career Spots?

  • All students: From first-year students to seniors, enhance your career readiness at every stage of your academic journey.
  • Recent graduates/alumni: Prepare for the transition from college to the professional world with targeted advice.

Get started

Jumpstart your journey to career excellence with Corsair Career Spots. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today's dynamic job market.


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