• John Masella JD '06

Vice President

  • Herbert Kusako, Jr. JD '89


  • Tisha Giles-Radek JD '99


  • Tracy Shaugnessy JD '05


  • Felix S. Betro JD '01
  • Stephen Brown JD '13 
  • Thomas Cleary JD '07
  • Louis D'Amarino JD '14 
  • Robert T. Ferguson JD '02
  • Tara George JD '06
  • Leigh A. Mills JD '96
  • Brittany Raposa '12, JD '15
  • Sarah (Sally) Sawyer JD '15
  • Amy Valente '95, JD '98

Ex Officio

  • Eric J. Mitnick, Dean of UMass Law
  • Roger Dugal '70, JD '89, Member Emeritus
  • Aquaysha Parks, Class of 2018, SBA Representative
  • Daniel DeOliveira '93, President, UMass Dartmouth Alumni Association
  • Nancy Vanasse '90, MBA '05, Director of Alumni Relations


Nominations for 2018-2021 will be announced soon.

The purpose of the Law Alumni Association shall be to further the interests of UMass Law and its alumni by developing their connection to UMass Law and each other. The Law Alumni Association shall serve as a lifelong resource to alumni and shall additionally encourage alumni to participate in public service  initiatives and to contribute to the continued excellence of UMass Law. 

Law Alumni Board of Directors are elected to serve a term of three (3) years and no individual shall serve more then two (2) consecutive terms as Director. Elections for Directors are held annually. Officers of the Law Alumni Association shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by majority vote of the Board present at the meeting. All officers shall serve a one (1) year term.