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Faculty News

Justine Dunlap
Dunlap joins the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission

UMass Law Professor Justine Dunlap joined the executive committee of the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission.

Sylvia Discusses the Legal Ramifications of Using Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

With conversational and generative AI systems like ChatGPT on the rise, Professor Sylvia gave a talk on the ramifications of using artificial intelligence in the professional sphere.

Lisa Owens
Owens Publishes a New Article in Special Issue of Frontiers in Sociology

Professor Owens recently published a new Article in a special issue of Frontiers in Sociology on Ethnography in the Open Science and Digital Age. The Article, Encountering Deception in Virtual Spaces: Guidelines for Virtual Ethnography, draws from an experience of deception in virtual fieldwork and considers implications for those designing methodologies for virtual ethnographies.

Lisa Owens
Owens Publishes “The Court of Student Excuses” in a Teaching Resources & Innovation Library

Professor Owens recently published a discussion-based activity she developed to help students learn more about the function and concepts of law and society. The exercise encourages students to build a new ‘court’ in the classroom which will adjudicate the excuses that students communicate to instructors.

Lisa Owens
Owens Serves as Judge in Harvard Law School’s Inaugural Mock Trial Tournament

Professor Owens was invited to serve as a judge in Harvard Law School’s inaugural mock trial tournament. The tournament brought together 24 mock trial teams from law schools across the country.

Geoffrey McDonald
McDonald Publishes on Bankruptcy Solutions to Homelessness in the Yale Law & Policy Review

Professor McDonald published an article on bankruptcy solutions to homelessness in the Yale Law and Policy Review.

Ralph Clifford, UMass Law faculty
Clifford Submits an Amicus Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on Real Estate Tax Foreclosure Systems

Professor Ralph Clifford submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that argues that real estate tax foreclosure systems are unconstitutional.

Owens Presents on Expert Housing Policy Panel

On an expert panel called “Good Intentions vs. Good Laws: Why Housing Advocacy Matters”, Professor Lisa Lucile Owens discussed the Housing Choice Voucher Program and its strengths and shortcomings.

Lisa Owens
Owens Leads Legal Workshop for New Bedford Entrepreneurs

Professor Owens led a workshop to help local New Bedford entrepreneurs with the legal challenges of starting a business.

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