News Alumni: UMassD Alumni Association to host 51st annual Alumni Awards

News Alumni: UMassD Alumni Association to host 51st annual Alumni Awards
UMassD Alumni Association to host 51st annual Alumni Awards

Members of the UMass Dartmouth community will celebrate the career accomplishments and impactful service of several Corsairs who have hearts of blue and gold.

51st annual Alumni Awards
An evening of fun is planned for the entire UMass Dartmouth community.

On April 17 at 6 p.m. in The Marketplace on campus, the UMass Dartmouth Alumni Association will host the 51st annual Alumni Awards, an event that acknowledges alumni and/or university affiliates for their professional achievements and impactful service that bring honor to UMassD.

Parking will be available in Lot 5.

Prior to hors d’oeuvres and dancing to live music performed by Get Lucky Band, five members of the UMass Dartmouth community will receive awards during a lively ceremony: Frederick Lebow ’67; Paula Cruz ’14, MS ’21; Haim Gal Moore ’18; Frank Scarano; and James DeMello.

Frederick Lebow ’67

A lifelong learner since his days at Southeastern Massachusetts Technical Institute, Frederick Lebow ’67 will receive the Alumni Achievement Award for his extensive engineering career and dedication to advancing technology. While studying electrical and mechanical engineering as a student, Lebow acquired a wealth of knowledge that prompted him to start FSL Associates in 1983. Based out of Brighton, MA, FSL Associates offers engineering solutions for high-tech electronic communications and real estate development in addition to environmental, civil, and forensic engineering services.

Lebow also goes the extra mile to help students obtain a UMassD education by establishing a scholarship to assist them in their academic endeavors, undoubtedly alleviating their financial burdens and enriching their college experiences.

Paula Cruz ’14, MS ’21

Paula Cruz ’14, MS ’21 is this year’s recipient of the Alumni Volunteer Service Award, which recognizes a UMass Dartmouth graduate who is loyal, unselfish, and demonstrates consistent acts of service to the community. Since her completion of the undergraduate nursing and the graduate global health programs, Cruz works as a compassionate nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital who’s made a habit of traveling to share her medical expertise with others in the industry. She volunteers to go on service trips to countries like the Dominican Republic, Ghana, China, and Taiwan to teach fellow nurses proper techniques and other information.

Haim Gal Moore ’18

Currently a second-year medical student at UMass Chan, Haim Gal Moore ’18 will receive the Rising Star Alumni Award for exceptional early career milestones. After graduating from UMass Dartmouth with his degree in biology, Moore worked at Broad Institute of Cambridge as part of their cancer program and took samples of rare tumors to test new supplements and/or technologies. He also performed research on Gamma Delta T cells in colorectal cancer at Brigham & Women’s Hospital alongside esteemed medical professionals. In addition, Moore is a resident tutor at the Lowell House at Harvard University and is part of the pre-med committee that helps students apply to medical school.

Frank Scarano

As the cornerstone of the Medical Laboratory Sciences program in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, professor and chairperson Frank Scarano will be awarded the Faculty/Staff Recognition Award for his investment in and care for the academic, professional, and personal well-being of students and alumni. A staple in the UMass Dartmouth community, Scarano has demonstrated unwavering faith in countless generations of Corsairs that rely on his leadership to guide them along their educational journeys. With a strong desire to see students succeed, his work instills a strong foundation in the sciences and inspires scholars to never give up on their dreams.

James DeMello

A long-time friend of UMass Dartmouth, James DeMello will receive the Blue and Gold Legacy Award for being a valued community member who is dedicated to the university and the public at-large. With a special place in his heart for the SouthCoast region and its Portuguese heritage, DeMello generously supports the College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ Bridging the Atlantic program, an international alliance in community health among American and Azorean nursing students and faculty. His generosity pays homage to his Portuguese upbringing as a second-generation born U.S. citizen while providing extraordinary learning experiences for current UMassD students.