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Justice Bridge

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Empowering new lawyers to deliver quality, affordable legal services to clients of modest means.

UMass School of Law has introduced Justice Bridge as a way to bridge the gap between:

Justice Bridge Participants: recent law school graduates who want to learn how to develop profitable and rewarding law practices.
Clients: individuals of modest means who need access to legal representation at affordable rates, yet do not qualify for legal aid.

Justice Bridge: Fulfilling UMass Law’s mission

  • Positions UMass Law graduates at the forefront of emerging legal markets
  • Serves unmet legal needs through a collaborative, community-oriented venture
  • Inspires lawyers to make a difference in people’s lives


Justice Bridge: Supporting new lawyers

Justice Bridge operates as a post-graduate incubator that will provide recent UMass Law graduates with:

  • Legal employment opportunities
  • Supportive environment for learning how to develop a law practice
  • Mentorship to develop skills in how to resolve cases efficiently
  • Opportunities to leverage technology services
  • Access to a practical skills-based, online curriculum

UMass Law Alumni Jennifer Hunt and Ahmed Farouk Ahmed on Justice Bridge and its impact on their legal career.


Justice Bridge: Benefiting society, the courts, and the community

  • Affordable legal representation for clients of modest means whose needs have been unmet
  • Greater access to effective, quality advocacy
  • Less congested, more efficient courts
  • Self-help center that provides access to legal forms, tutorials, and useful links 


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