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User Policies

Circulation Policy

Circulating materials may be borrowed by graduate students (which includes law students) and faculty for a period of 200 days and by special borrowers and undergraduate students for a period of 28 days. Reserve materials may be borrowed for two hours. Primary sources do not circulate. One renewal period is allowed for borrowed materials except when demand is excessive. All materials are due back for examination week periods. Borrowing privileges, grades, transcripts, and registration privileges may‌ be withheld until overdue library materials are returned or replacements purchased.


Please do not leave valuables unattended in the library. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Items picked up throughout the building are kept in a Lost & Found behind the information desk.  Items are kept until the end of the academic year at which time they are dispensed or discarded. 

Food & drink

Drinks with lids may be taken into the library. Packaged snacks may be eaten in the library. Messy foods such as pizza should be consumed outside the library to keep odors and pests from invading library study areas.  We also ask that library users limit their use of perfume and cologne due to staff allergies.


The library lobby area is the business and social center of the library. As such, it is a noisy area. The main floor beyond the glass doors is a group study area where low-level discussions may be carried on. The upper and lower levels of the library are "noise free." Please be respectful of fellow students’ need for quiet. Shut off cell phones, adjust the volume of headphones, and take conversations to another area.

Study rooms

The study rooms on the lower level are intended for group study rather than individual privacy. Please note that these rooms are located on a quiet floor and are not soundproof.  Please take louder conversations to the group study area on the first floor.  Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-use basis.


While library users are encouraged to return books to the shelves, it is important that books are shelved correctly. If you are uncertain about where a book belongs, please leave it on a table close by or bring it to the information desk.

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