Campus clinics

Where law school becomes a real-life experience

Legal clinics are law offices owned and operated by UMass Law. There are two clinics located on campus.

Students involved with the on-campus law clinics represent low-income clients under the supervision of faculty members and/or experienced practitioners both in court and at administrative hearings. Students also counsel clients on a variety of legal matters outside the courtroom setting.

For participating students, law school becomes a real-life experience, beyond the academics.

Clinic clients—who would be otherwise under-represented—benefit from quality legal representation for their claims.

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Immigration Litigation Clinic

Southeastern Massachusetts has significant immigrant populations, often with special legal needs.

The Immigration Litigation Clinic began operating in the fall of 2002 and provides quality legal services to members of the immigrant community throughout the region.

An image of the Immigration Law Clinic entrance.Located on the first floor, with direct access from the outside for the convenience of its clients, the Immigration Litigation Clinic is a suite comprised of:

  • director's office
  • library
  • conference room
  • reception area
  • large work area equipped with computer workstations and desks

Immigration Litigation Clinic updates

Community Development Clinic

The Community Development Clinic offers students two clinical opportunities.

The Nonprofit Clinic provides students with the opportunity to practice such skills as drafting and filing incorporation documents, revising bylaws, and assuring compliance with various laws and regulations.

The Small Business Clinic assists entrepreneurs with choice of entity and drafting formation documents.

An image of the Community Development Clinic entrance.The Community Development Clinic, located on the first floor in Room 118, provides a productive work environment with:

  • large, flexible space suitable for large or small student and/or client meetings
  • six computer workstations
  • large worktables
  • five telephone lines
  • full complement of office equipment

Community Development Clinic updates


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