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An image of Massachusetts Law volumes in the UMass Law Library.

Library staff strive to maintain a helpful, customer friendly environment.

Ask a Librarian 

Reference Desk
Phone: 508.985.1127

We provide help and instruction in the location and use of all library resources in print and electronic format.Professional reference staff are on site most open library hours. Email access to reference staff is also available.

Students customarily stop at the low noise, main entry of the library prior to and after classes. This helps us to get to know most students by name. Library staff is pro-active with faculty and students to ensure we are meeting legal information and law study needs. Library services are based on user needs and easy access to resources.

The law library consists of three levels of study space, law collection, and computer labs. Entrance and exit from all three levels is through the main level only. All three levels provide individual study carrels, study tables and comfortable seating for study. The lower library level provides six individual study rooms for group study and is home to the Roundtable Symposium Law Journal.

Computers are available in the main lobby of the library and in a computer lab on the second floor. They provide high speed internet access and word processing applications. Student laptops may be configured to work through the wireless environment and print to the network printers. For laptops without wireless access there are multiple activated ports throughout the library.

Meet the library staff

               Spencer Clough
               Director of the Law Library
Misty Peltz-Steele
Assistant Dean of the Law Library
               Emma Wood
               Assistant Librarian - Public Services
Jessica Almeida
Assistant Librarian - Public Services
              Debra Fatula
              Library Assistant





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