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UMassD monthly payment plan

We offer a monthly payment plan which allows students and families to pay the term bill in monthly installments, interest free. 

The UMassD monthly payment plan offers a maximum of five payments per term, due August–December and January–May.

Students and Authorized Users enroll online through COIN. Students must set up a parent, spouse, or other family member as an Authorized User to allow them to view the student account, enroll in a payment plan, or make payments.

Students and families estimate their term charges when enrolling. The payment plan automatically self-calculates throughout the term, ensuring that your balance is paid in full and on time. Payments are made through credit card or checking account auto-debit. The student and Authorized User will receive reminders before each monthly installment is processed.

There is an enrollment fee of $35 per term and you must re-enroll each term.

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You will be prompted for your user name and password. If you encounter problems, contact: