Peltz-Steele presents at sport conference

Professor Peltz-Steele has presented at a conference on sport policy.

Richard Peltz-Steele

Professor Richard Peltz-Steele presented a paper at a conference of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, The Sport Project: Probing the Boundaries, the 5th Global Meeting, on the theme Sport: Spaces, Places, Money, and Politics, at Mansfield College, Oxford, U.K.  His paper was titled, “The FIFA World Cup, Human Rights Goals, and the Gulf Between.”  The paper examines the growing incompatibility between World Cup hosting and FIFA human rights strategies.  While in England, Professor Peltz-Steele also attended Sports Law 2016: The Future of the Legal Autonomy of Sport, a conference of the Anglia Ruskin Law School at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

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