Dean Quinn Pens an Opinion Piece on the Electoral Process

Dean John Quinn pens an opinion piece on how to gain back confidence in the electoral process through electoral law.

John Quinn


UMass Law Dean John Quinn authored an opinion piece on the recent election in the Standard Times. Twenty years ago, during the Bush v. Gore election, Dean Quinn was front and center in Palm Springs, Florida for the famous ballot recount dispute. Fast forward to the present day 2020 election, Dean Quinn tapped into his experience to ask questions about how we can increase our confidence in U.S. elections. The opinion piece revisited the challenges of the electoral process and offered remedies on how to gain back a faithful, democratic process through electoral law.

In a follow-up article by the Standard Times, Dean Quinn was interviewed along with state Representative William Straus on their experience in the 2000 election. Both Quinn and Straus were in Florida in 2000 serving on the ballot re-counting initiative. The article highlighted the pair’s experiences, drawing parallels and contrasts to the 2020 election.  

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