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UML WirelessFaculty, staff, and students of UMass Law have access to the wireless network. Users must provide their own notebook, computer, or cellphone with wireless capability.

The technology department offers advice for those seeking to upgrade their computers.

The UMass Law wireless network operates exclusively with Wireless B and Wireless G type network devices.

How do I set up my wireless card and wireless software?

Users must follow their manufacturers' instructions and procedures for making their wireless hardware and software work with the UMass Law wireless network. Access to the wireless network is brand independent. If you can't get your wireless hardware/software to detect the network, please call your card manufacturer.

Registering and setting up your wireless password

Users will create a username and password to set up a wireless account, when first attempting to use the network. All modern web browsers are supported for wireless sign-on.

University information about wireless access


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