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ExamSoft produces the SofTest examination software program that lets students take exams on their laptop computers. It is used by many law schools and several state bar examining authorities.

UMass Law offers students the option to take in-class exams on their laptops using ExamSoft. (Laptops must meet certain minimum specifications.)

Students are encouraged to register with ExamSoft. By using this program as a student, you will become familiar and proficient with ExamSoft and, thereby, better prepared to take state bar examinations using ExamSoft.

ExamSoft registration

All students using ExamSoft must download the latest version of SofTest, register the software, and download individual exam files.

Emails from the Law Enrollment Center (LEC) and Law Computer Information Technology Services (IT) departments notify students regarding dates to register and download the software for ExamSoft.

IT will send additional details regarding the registration process. Students who have not completed the full process by the date indicated will have to hand-write their exams.

Technical support

For installation help and support, please stop by the Law Information Technology (IT) department on the lower level during regular business hours. Handouts are also available on the carousel outside the IT office.

More information

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