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The list of graduates and potential graduates below includes:

  • Students whose degrees have been awarded (Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 graduates).
  • Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate students who have applied to graduate (Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 potential graduates) and appear to be on track toward meeting their degree requirements.

If you are not listed below and you believe you are eligible to participate in this year's commencement:

If your Degree Name is not listed correctly:

  • Degree Name is the name that will appear in the Commencement Program, the name called when you cross the stage, and the name that will appear on your diploma.
  • To Add or Change a Degree Name, navigate in COIN, then COIN Student Center > Personal Information > Names.
  • Click on Edit if name type already exists and update as appropriate.
    • If name type does not exist, select Add a new name and update fields as appropriate.
    • Click Save in the lower right corner of the page.
  • For detailed information on names, see Inclusive Identity website.  

If you applied for graduation but will not be completing the requirements for participation in this year's commencement and need to change your expected graduation term or have additional questions on your application status, contact

This list was last was updated on March 13, 2023.

NameDegree NameGraduation TermGraduation Status
Abbott,Sydney CSydney C AbbottSpring 2023Anticipated
Acosta Terrazas,Yessenia IYessenia I Acosta TerrazasSpring 2023Anticipated
Alexandru,Anda VanessaAnda Vanessa AlexandruSpring 2023Anticipated
Arnett,Nicholas RNicholas R ArnettSpring 2023Anticipated
Ashkar,AndrewAndrew AshkarSpring 2023Anticipated
Ashworth,Amelia WAmelia W AshworthSpring 2023Anticipated
Balbo Forero,Alessandro MAlessandro M Balbo ForeroSpring 2023Anticipated
Bernardo,Vincent FVincent F BernardoFall 2022Awarded
Bio,Philip RPhilip R BioSpring 2023Anticipated
Boudreau,Madison LMadison Lynn BoudreauSpring 2023Anticipated
Bourbonniere,Garrison MiltonGarrison Milton BourbonniereSpring 2023Anticipated
Brady,James HJames H BradyFall 2022Awarded
Brower,Justine EJustine E BrowerSpring 2023Anticipated
Burke,Colin PatrickColin Patrick BurkeSpring 2023Anticipated
Cabral-Townson,Elizabeth AnnElizabeth Ann Cabral-TownsonSpring 2023Anticipated
Cadet,Pricilla KPricilla K CadetSpring 2023Anticipated
Callahan,Shane EShane E CallahanSpring 2023Anticipated
Capalbo,Peter MPeter M CapalboSummer 2023Anticipated
Chang Torres,Ina DIna D Chang TorresSpring 2023Anticipated
Choudhury,RaisaRaisa ChoudhurySpring 2023Anticipated
Clune,Emma EEmma E CluneSpring 2023Anticipated
Cosentino,Thomas MThomas M CosentinoFall 2022Awarded
D'Agostino,Nicholaus KurtisNicholaus Kurtis D'AgostinoSpring 2023Anticipated
Davidson,Janay E.SJanay E.S DavidsonSpring 2023Anticipated
DeMelo,Amelia RoseAmelia Rose DeMeloSpring 2023Anticipated
Demou,Alexander NAlexander N DemouFall 2022Awarded
Dillan,Emily LEmily Lenore DillanSpring 2023Anticipated
Downing,Samantha RSamantha R DowningSpring 2023Anticipated
Druyvestein,Aaron DAaron D DruyvesteinSpring 2023Anticipated
Duncan,Augustus JamesAugustus James DuncanSpring 2023Anticipated
Dunham,Morgan NMorgan N DunhamSpring 2023Anticipated
Egan,Nicole L.Nicole L. EganSpring 2023Anticipated
Fotev,Michelle LeeMichelle Lee FotevSpring 2023Anticipated
Gilbert,Danielle RDanielle R GilbertSpring 2023Anticipated
Glatz,Samantha MSamantha M GlatzSpring 2023Anticipated
Golding,Alexander NAlexander N GoldingSpring 2023Anticipated
Goldman,Lillie SaraLillie Sara GoldmanFall 2022Awarded
Gonsalves,Tory ATory A GonsalvesSpring 2023Anticipated
Grimando,StefanieStefanie GrimandoSpring 2023Anticipated
Gutierrez,Austin AAustin A GutierrezSpring 2023Anticipated
Hammonds,Kylie NKylie N HammondsSpring 2023Anticipated
Hampton,Christopher TChristopher T HamptonSpring 2023Anticipated
Hansen,Nicholas RNicholas R HansenSpring 2023Anticipated
Harvey,Jessie EJessie E HarveySpring 2023Anticipated
Hautala,Heidi LeilaHeidi Leila HautalaFall 2022Awarded
Hixon,Cayla Colby CassidyCayla Colby Cassidy HixonSpring 2023Anticipated
Holland,TaylorBrittany T HollandSpring 2023Anticipated
Iocono,Amanda DanielleAmanda Danielle IoconoSpring 2023Anticipated
Jimcosky,Shelby MShelby M JimcoskySpring 2023Anticipated
Johnson,Mitchell DeeMitchell Dee JohnsonSpring 2023Anticipated
Jones,Christopher MChristopher M JonesSpring 2023Anticipated
Jones,Jason MJason M JonesSpring 2023Anticipated
Judd,Kira LKira L JuddFall 2022Awarded
Khomenko,MarynaMaryna KhomenkoSpring 2023Anticipated
Kilgallen,Rachel MRachel M KilgallenSpring 2023Anticipated
Kistler,Keila AnnKeila Ann KistlerSpring 2023Anticipated
Kondrasov,AnastasiaAnastasia KondrasovSpring 2023Anticipated
Lee,BonnieBonnie LeeSpring 2023Anticipated
Letourneau,LindaLinda LetourneauSummer 2023Anticipated
Light,Philip CPhilip C LightSpring 2023Anticipated
Look,HannahHannah Elizabeth Abbot LookSpring 2023Anticipated
Luckoo,Alex SAlex S LuckooFall 2022Awarded
Martinez-Sanchez,Ashley GAshley G SanchezSpring 2023Anticipated
Masci,Mike PMichael P MasciFall 2022Awarded
Mathieu,Mason TMason T MathieuSpring 2023Anticipated
Matos,Kajahna CKajahna C MatosSpring 2023Anticipated
McCormick,KatherineKatherine McCormickSpring 2023Anticipated
McCumiskey,Alexandra EAlexandra E McCumiskeySpring 2023Anticipated
McDermott,Elle FElle F McDermottSpring 2023Anticipated
McKinney,ReidReid McKinneySpring 2023Anticipated
Mitrov,SnejanaSnejana MitrovSpring 2023Anticipated
Mongeon,Norbert HNorbert H MongeonSpring 2023Anticipated
Nachtergaele,Nicholas PNicholas P NachtergaeleSpring 2023Anticipated
Nguyen,Mai-Anh KMai-Anh K NguyenSpring 2023Anticipated
Nurse,ApphiaApphia NurseSpring 2023Anticipated
Ortolano,John PatrickJohn Patrick OrtolanoSpring 2023Anticipated
Owens,Danielle ChristinaDanielle Christina OwensSpring 2023Anticipated
Paquette,MadelineMadeline PaquetteSpring 2023Anticipated
Parker-Szabo,Alyssa KatherineAlyssa Katherine Parker-SzaboFall 2022Awarded
Pean,James EJames Emmanuel Bernard PéanSpring 2023Anticipated
Pesare,Edward JEdward J PesareSpring 2023Anticipated
Peters,Natalie M.Natalie PetersSpring 2023Anticipated
Pichardo,Kaitlyn MarieKaitlyn Marie PichardoSpring 2023Anticipated
Pina,Heather LynnHeather Lynn PinaFall 2022Awarded
Plumeri,AndieAndie Fu Yi Si PlumeriSpring 2023Anticipated
Rapping,Samantha BSamantha B RappingSpring 2023Anticipated
Reese,Marikate EMarikate E ReeseSpring 2023Anticipated
Reynoso Arellano,IlenaIlena Reynoso ArellanoSpring 2023Anticipated
Sabino,StephanieStephanie SabinoSpring 2023Anticipated
Schoonmaker,Megan NMegan N SchoonmakerSpring 2023Anticipated
Scivetti,AlisaAlisa ScivettiSpring 2023Anticipated
Shepherd,DavidDavid Ryan ShepherdFall 2022Awarded
Silva,Andrew DavidAndrew David SilvaSpring 2023Anticipated
Sousa,Brittany MBrittany M SousaSpring 2023Anticipated
Spruill,Alejandra Louisa PattonAlejandra Louisa Patton SpruillFall 2022Awarded
Stark,James BJames B StarkSpring 2023Anticipated
Storbeck,Cierra DCierra D StorbeckSpring 2023Anticipated
Summa,Catherine NicoleCatherine N SummaSpring 2023Anticipated
Thrasher,ChristopherChristopher ThrasherSpring 2023Anticipated
Tumber,EmilyEmily TumberSpring 2023Anticipated
Tworek,Chad JChad J TworekSpring 2023Anticipated
Vilt,Viktor NViktor N ViltSpring 2023Anticipated
Walker,Jennifer MJennifer M WalkerSummer 2023Anticipated
Walker,Matt DavidMatthew David WalkerSpring 2023Anticipated
Watson,Cailey ACailey A WatsonSpring 2023Anticipated
White,Jennifer AJennifer A WhiteSpring 2023Anticipated
White,Sarah CourtneySarah Courtney WhiteSpring 2023Anticipated
Wiley,Nathaniel BNathaniel B WileySpring 2023Anticipated
Yaman,RianaRiana YamanSpring 2023Anticipated