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Graduation Guidelines


Students with the following Expected Graduation Term in COIN will be eligible to apply for graduation based on the following:

Expected Graduation Term

Degree Conferral Date

2023 Fall 


2024 Spring


2024 Summer


Note: The Summer 2024 graduation application will not open until February 2024.

How to apply for graduation:

Step 1: Review your Academic Requirements

  • If you have not done so already, review your Advisement Report and transcript in COIN, or request a degree audit in the LEC to ensure that you are on target to meet all program requirements. In addition to program requirements, you must satisfy the Law School graduation requirements.

Step 2: Log in to your COIN Student Center (Mobile View) to verify your expected graduation term:

  • Select COIN Student Center > My Advising Center > Academic Summary to view your Expected Graduation term.
  • If your Expected Graduation term/year is correct, proceed to Step 3 below.
  • If your Expected Graduation term/year is incorrect, please review our two options below:
    • If your term is incorrectly listed as Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, but you are planning to graduate within this academic year, you may proceed to Step 3 below.
    • If your term is incorrectly listed for another academic year or if you will be completing your requirements in Fall 2024 or later, please contact the Law Enrollment Center with your name, student ID number, and correct term to graduate so we may update accordingly.

 Step 3: From your COIN Student Center (Mobile View):

  •  Select My Academics > Graduation > Apply for Graduation.
  • Select Apply for Graduation, then select UMDAR Graduation Survey.
  • Upon completion of the survey, select Apply for Graduation.
    • If expected graduation term is correct, select Continue.
    • If the term is incorrect but prior to Summer 2024, you may select the appropriate term and select Continue.
  • Select Submit Application.
  • Return to My Academics > Graduation > View My Graduation Status. Review the information carefully.
  • Degree Name is the name that will appear in the Commencement Program, the name you will be called when you cross the stage, and the name that will appear on your diploma. If there is no Degree Name added, your Primary Name will be used.
    • To Add or Change a Degree Name, go to COIN Student Center > Personal Information > Names.
      • Click on Edit if name type already exists and update as appropriate.
      • If name type does not exist, select Add a new name and update Degree Name fields as appropriate.
    • Your Permanent address is where your diploma will be mailed unless you specify a different address for your diploma to be mailed.
      • To Add or Change the Address your diploma will be mailed to, go to COIN Student Center > Personal Information > Addresses. Select Add a New Address to enter the address then select “Diploma” as the address type.

 If you experience any issues with applying, please email your name and student ID to or visit the LEC for assistance.

After you apply

You may view your appliation status at My Academics > Graduation > View My Graduation Status. Your status will change as your application is processed:

Graduation Application Status Description
Applied for Graduation Application has been received but not reviewed.
Eligible for Graduation Application for Fall, Spring, or Summer term has not been submitted. You must submit an application.
Needs to Finish Pending Work Additional information required by student and/or department to determine eligibility for graduation.
Application in Review by Department Identified as a prospective graduate based on the number of potential earned credits and GPA. Note: Status remains in review until degree has been certified by law school.
Contact Your Department (LEC) Application has been denied based on the number of earned credits, GPA, and/or other missing requirements. Contact the Law Enrollment Center for Assistance.
Degree Awarded Department has certified that all requirements have been met and degree has been recorded on transcript.

The Registrar’s Office forwards applicant names to the appropriate academic department for careful review and certification that all requirements have been met.

Once all final grades have been posted, the law school will send your degree certification to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will post the degree on your transcript.


Diplomas are ordered after your degree is awarded and posted on your transcript. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing and delivery. Diplomas are not handed out at Commencement.

Important Note: Diplomas will not be released if your degree has not been certified and posted to your transcript. You should check your transcript through COIN to verify your degree has been awarded. In addition, all financial holds must be resolved before a diploma and/or official transcript can be released by the University.

Summer graduates

If you will not complete your degree requirements by the spring semester but wish to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony, you must meet the following conditions:

Juris Doctor Degree: A maximum of 9 credits to be completed by August 31, 2024

Law students completing in the summer term must file a Permission to Participate in Commencement 2024 form. The deadline for submission is April 15, 2024. Please contact the LEC for assistance.

Other important university/degree requirements

  • Confirm your personal information is current in COIN (i.e. degree/diploma name, deploma/permanent address, personal email address, etc.).
  • Clear all financial obligations to the university, including but not limited to: full payment of your entire university bill, emergency loans, parking violations, borrowed library books, electronic equipment, and sports equipment. All borrowed university property must be returned to the appropriate place, and any late fees must be paid. Check your COIN account regularly for holds.
  • Complete your Federal Direct Loan exit counseling requirements with UMass Law Financial Aid Services: Federal Unsubsidized and/or Graduate PLUS borrowers: Student
  • Complete your career services post-graduation planning appointment and graduation placement survey.
  • PILF recipients: Complete your exit interview, post-graduation includes a four-year public interest law employment commitment.
  • Learn about the UMass Law Alumni Association. Once you graduate, make sure you stay up to date:
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