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Students with the following Expected Graduation Term in COIN will be eligible to apply for graduation based on the following:

Expected Graduation Term Application Deadline Degree Conferral Date

2023 Fall



2024 Winter



2024 Spring


5/16/2024 (UGRD)

5/17/2024 (GRAD, LAW)

*2024 Summer*



How to apply

Step 1: Review your Academic Requirements

  • If you have not done so already, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to review your COIN advisement report (undergraduate students only) and transcript to ensure you are on track to meet all major, minor, concentration, program of study, and/or degree requirements including grade point average (GPA) for your college, department, and university.

Step 2: Log in to your COIN Student Center (Mobile View) to verify your expected graduation term:

  • Select COIN Student Center > My Advising Center > Academic Summary to view your expected graduation term.
  • If your expected graduation term is correct, proceed to Step 3 below.
  • If your expected graduation term/year is incorrect, please update your expected graduation term via your COIN Student Center:
        1. Select the My eForms dropdown.
        2. Select Change Expected Graduation.
        3. Under New Expected Graduation, enter the term/year you will complete your program and university requirements. Then, select Submit. 

Please note: If you are completing your requirements in Fall 2024 through Summer 2025 terms, you will apply for graduation beginning in October 2024 and participate in the 2025 Commencement Ceremony.

Step 3: Apply for graduation in COIN

  • Log into your COIN Student Center using MOBILE VIEW:
  • Select My Academics > Graduation > Apply for Graduation.
  • Select Apply for Graduation, then select UMDAR Graduation Survey.
  • Upon completion of the survey, select Apply for Graduation.
  • Select Continue.
  • Select Submit Application.
  • Return to My Academics > Graduation > View My Graduation Status. Review the information carefully. 
Degree Name is the name that will appear on your diploma/certificate. If there is no Degree Name added, your Primary Name will be used.
    • To Add or Change a Degree Name, go to COIN Student Center > Personal Information > Names.
    • Click on Edit if name type already exists and update as appropriate.
    • If name type does not exist, select Add a new name and update Degree Name fields as appropriate.

Your Permanent address is where your diploma/certificate will be mailed unless you specify a different address for your diploma/certificate to be mailed.

    • To Add or Change the Address your diploma/certificate will be mailed to, go to COIN Student Center > Personal Information > Addresses
    • Select Add a New Address to enter the address then select “Diploma” as the address type.

If you experience any issues with applying or do not plan to graduate in 2024, please Submit an Inquiry for Registrar with the Graduation/Diploma option selected.


*Summer Graduates*

If you will not complete your degree requirements by the spring semester but wish to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony, you must meet the following conditions:

Undergraduate Students:

  • Undergraduate students needing additional credits during the summer may participate in commencement with the approval of their department chairperson and dean of their college if they provide a feasible plan to complete their requirements by August 31st of that academic year. Typically, students should not seek approval if they have more than 9 credits to complete during the summer.
  • Undergraduate students are required to submit the Permission to Participate in Commencement form along with required department chairperson/college dean signatures and proof of summer registration to the Registrar’s Office. For courses to be completed outside UMass Dartmouth a prior approval form must also be attached.

Undergraduate - Summer Only - Permission to Participate Commencement Form 2024

  • Undergraduate students who require coursework after August 31st, 2024, are not permitted to participate in the Commencement 2024 Ceremony; they will be eligible to attend the Commencement 2025 Ceremony.

Graduate Students:

  • Master’s (MA/MS/MFA/MAT/MBA/MPP) candidate having a thesis requirement may participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony only if the student has completed all course requirements prior to commencement and has the reasonable possibility of finishing the thesis by the end of the fall semester following commencement. In the MFA program, the visual thesis must also be completed prior to commencement. Master’s students with a non-thesis option may participate in the graduation ceremonies only if they: (a) have three (3) or fewer credits to complete to earn their degree; (b) complete those three (3) or fewer credits in the summer immediately following commencement and prior to the start of the ensuing fall semester;(c) are registered for those three (3) or fewer credits by Commencement day; (d) are expected to complete any other graduation requirements (e.g.., project report) by the end of the ensuing fall semester; and (e) have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Master’s degree candidates who will not complete all degree requirements by commencement day but seek this option are required to submit the Permission to Participate in Commencement form along with required graduate program director/college dean signatures and, if applicable, proof of summer registration to the Registrar’s Office.

Graduate and Law - Permission to Participate Commencement 2024 Form

  • Law (JD) candidate may participate in the Spring commencement Ceremony only if they (a) need nine or fewer credits to complete all degree requirements; (b) are registered by commencement day for summer term courses that would satisfy their remaining credits; and (c) are expected to complete any other graduation requirements by the end of the summer term. Law (JD) degree candidates who will not complete all degree requirements by commencement day but seek this option are required to submit the Permission to Participate in Commencement form along with required college dean signature and, if applicable, proof of summer registration to the Registrar’s Office.

Graduate and Law - Permission to Participate Commencement 2024 Form

  • Doctoral (PhD) candidate must complete all degree requirements prior to participating in the commencement ceremonies. Doctoral candidates may participate in the Ceremony if they have received the written approval of all committee members, successfully defended their dissertation by Commencement day, and any necessary revisions to finalize the dissertation are minor and will be completed by May 31st. Doctoral students are not eligible to complete the permission to participate form and should discuss their eligibility with the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies. 

After you apply

You may view your application status at My Academics > Graduation >View My Graduation Status.  Your status will change as your application is processed:

Graduation Application Status Description
Applied for Graduation Your application has been received but not yet reviewed by Registrar’s Office.
Eligible for Graduation Your application for Fall or Winter term has not been submitted and you must submit your application immediately.
Needs to Finish Pending Work Additional information required by student and/or department to determine eligibility for graduation.
Application In Review by Department Your application has been reviewed by the Registrar’s Office and you have been identified as a prospective graduate based on the number of potential earned credits and GPA. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your status will remain “In Review” until you have been certified by your academic department beginning on your degree conferral date.
Contact Your Department Your application was denied based on the number of earned credits, GPA and/or other missing program requirements. Contact your academic department for assistance.
Degree Awarded Your department has certified that all requirements have been met and your degree has been recorded on transcript.


Your degree certification process will begin on your degree conferral date following the completion of your final semester as well as finalization of all semester grades. All graduating students’ records will then be individually reviewed by the appropriate academic departments for certification that all degree requirements have been fulfilled. Due to the significant number of graduates, the review and certification process may take several weeks. Once your degree has been reviewed and approved by your department, the Registrar's Office will award the degree and it will be reflected on your transcript. Please check your unofficial transcript through COIN to verify that your degree has been awarded. Once your degree has been awarded, you may request an official transcript from the National Student Clearinghouse as proof of your degree conferral. 


Diploma ordering begins approximately 8 weeks after the degree conferral date for students whose degrees have been awarded. Therefore, please allow 14-16 weeks for ordering, processing, and delivery of your diploma. Diplomas are shipped directly from our diploma vendor and will be mailed to your “Diploma Address” in COIN. If there is no “Diploma Address” listed, it will be mailed to your “Permanent Address”. So please be sure to check COIN to verify that your address is correct.

Important note

Diplomas will not be released if your degree has not been certified and posted to your transcript. You should check your graduation status and transcript through COIN to verify your degree has been awarded. In addition, all financial holds must be resolved before a diploma and/or official transcript can be released by the University.

Other important university requirements

  • Confirm your personal information is current in COIN (i.e. degree/diploma name, diploma/permanent address, personal email address, etc.)
  • Clear all financial obligations to the university including but not limited to: full payment of your entire university bill, emergency loans, parking violations, borrowed library books, electronic equipment, and sports equipment. All borrowed university property must be returned to the appropriate place, and any late fees must be paid. Check your COIN account regularly for holds.
  • Complete your Federal Direct Loan, Perkins, Nursing or Nurse Faculty Loan exit counseling requirements with Financial Aid and/or the Bursar’s Office:

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