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Repayment Information

File your FAFSA

File your FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. 

Graduation or Separation from UMassD

This information is for any student that is graduating, leaving school, or dropping below halftime enrollment. As you prepare to take the next step, understanding your student loan repayment options and responsibilities are especially important. To help you stay organized, we ask that you review the following checklist:

Federal Student Aid (FSA) resources

NOTE: You will need to sign into your Federal Student Aid (FSA) account using your FSA ID and password to access certain loan details. Federal Student Aid (FSA) resources can help you find important information regarding Federal Loan repayment and more detailed information and answers to many frequently asked questions as well as Student Loan Support Center contact including Live chat.

Student loan repayment checklist

Access the checklist and become an informed borrower before you go into repayment so you can have a smooth repayment experience.

Exit counseling

Student federal loan borrowers that are graduating as well as any borrower that is leaving school or dropping below half time enrollment are required to complete exit counseling. 

Exit counseling can help answer:

  • Who should complete this?
  • How long will it take?
  • What do I need?

Student loan repayment

Borrowers entering repayment need to understand their obligations and make critical decisions regarding the types of payment plans available including loan consolidation, when to expect payments to begin, and how to make payments.

Student loan repayment can help answer:

  • What repayment plan options are available?
  • When must I begin making payments?
  • How do I make my payment?
  • How do I pay off my loan faster?
  • What do I do if I am having trouble making payments?

Federal student loan servicers

A federal loan servicer will be assigned to manage your loans and collect payments. You can also view all your loan details and history with your loan servicer. It is possible to have multiple loan servicers so it is important to understand how to determine who your servicer(s) are.

Federal student loan servicers can help answer:

  • What federal loan servicers do?
  • How do I find out who services my loan?
  • Who do I contact for loan information?
  • Who do I contact if my loan is not owned By ED?
  • What is a loan transfer?
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