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Massachusetts regulations state that "residency is not acquired by mere physical presence in Massachusetts while the person is enrolled in an institution of higher education."

Regulations governing the residency status of students for tuition purposes

To be reclassified as a resident, an enrolled student must live in Massachusetts as a "traditional resident" (not a student) for approximately 12 months immediately preceding his/her enrollment or re-enrollment to attend UMass Dartmouth. Exceptions to these requirements are listed on the Residency Reclassification Worksheet (see below).

Applicants are responsible for submitting all documentation to support a residency reclassification claim. The final decision will be based solely on the submitted documentation.

To request classification as a resident

Complete the following forms:

Submit the forms and required documentation to:

Office of the Registrar
Administration Building, Room 115
UMass Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300




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