News News: Fall River Labor History Tour
Fall River Labor History Tour

The Labor Education was pleased to offer this tour about Fall River labor history to a group of UMassD students and local labor leaders and union activists. In this photo, Winona Glascock, a former Labor Education Center intern delivers a monologue of the words of a Fall River mill worker. Please contact us to present this program to your class or organization.

FR History walk
Students and labor leaders listen to Camilo Viveiros and Winona Glascock speak about the legacy of Fall River mill workers
This activity was a chance to learn about historic characters and chapters from the labor movement in Fall River. The UMass Dartmouth Labor Education Center has been working with UMass Dartmouth students and teachers and students at Durfee High school to portray stories from different labor struggles in Fall River.


FR History walk
UMass Dartmouth students in period costume portray Fall River mill workers and owners in living history.