Call for Papers: Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies 33: Ocean Crossings

Guest Editor: Andre Novoa (University of Lisbon)

The next volume of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies (PLCS) focuses on the theme of Ocean Crossings. The theme of the seas has long been a central topic in scholarship on the Lusophone world, but more recent research has invested ocean crossings with new relevance and urgency. This special issue aims to articulate and bring together a diversity of approaches to the “watery part of the world,” to paraphrase Herman Melville, paying close attention to sea mobilities, what they entailed, in which conditions they were practiced, what meanings have been associated with them and to the performance or practice of movement in itself, to the efforts of ocean crossing, to the subtleties of moving and the complexities of (maritime) kinetic life.

This special issue of PLCS will focus on both contemporary and historical ocean mobilities in the broadest possible way. We encourage authors to submit full-length academic articles (5,500-8,500 words) that might address the following themes:

  • Historical oceanic mobilities   
  • Ocean crossings of migrants, workers and indentured laborers
  • Ships, logs and journals
  • Medical accounts of sea crossings
  • Whaling and cod fishing
  • Coastal cultures and communities
  • Maritime exploration and science expeditions
  • Maritime trade, commerce and communication
  • Biographies of captains, travellers and migrants
  • Race, class and gender aboard ships
  • Visual culture of sea life  
  • Popular culture with ocean themes
  • Literature with maritime themes
  • Oceans and self-imaginings of the nation
  • Oceans, climate change and ecocriticism
  • Archipelagos and islands
  • Oceans, crime and violence

Although these themes are encouraged, we welcome a variety of other interests and approaches from a range of disciplines.

The deadline for submission is August 31, 2018. We encourage authors to submit articles in English or Portuguese. Submissions must conform to the journal’s guidelines, which are available here:

Please direct inquiries and submissions to Andre Novoa:

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