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UMass Law is the state's only public law school—and the only law school in southeastern Massachusetts.

Developing skilled and ethical lawyers

Our program is designed to:

  • Prepare you to meet all bar requirements
  • Provide a solid, comprehensive grounding in the core subjects of legal education
  • Teach you the skills that you will need to practice law in various settings
  • Instill in you the values that will enable you to practice law in an ethical and professional manner

Encouraging public service

UMass Law builds on UMass Dartmouth's national recognition by the Carnegie Foundation as a civic engagement university and its inclusion on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. We aim to:

  • Foster an intellectual climate that supports and encourages public policy issues to be debated and explored in classrooms, public forums, and in distinguished guest lectures
  • Inspire you to consider meaningful public service law careers in underrepresented areas of the state
  • Increase the diversity of those who practice law in the Commonwealth
  • Encourage you to become professionally engaged in your community through clinics and internships while you are a student

Inspiring citizen lawyers

Our program connects the scholarship, professional activities, and grant activity of our faculty and students to public needs. Our clinical programs:

  • Provide practical, hands-on experience in all necessary lawyering skills
  • Provide a training context rooted in fundamental social justice issues and an understanding of the constitutional mandates for broader citizen access to counsel





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