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NOMADIC VISIONS: Recent Work by Six New York Sculptors, 1989
Maureen Connor, Petah Coyne, Ellen Driscoll, Carol Hepper, Creighton Michael, Elise Siegel
20 pages. Seven b/w images. Text by Lasse Antonsen.
Price: $5.00 Shipping: $3.00

POST-UTOPIA: Paintings and Installations by the Soviet Conceptualists Eric Bulatov, Ilya Kabakov and Komar & Melamid, 1989
28 pages. 8 b/w images. Essay by Lasse B. Antonsen, Ilya Kabakov, and Eric Bulatov, and interview with Komar & Melamid by Nathan Fedorovski, courtesy of Galeries magazine, Paris.
Price: $5,00 Shipping: $3,00

BARBARA ECKHARDT: Poetic Space, 1998
68 pages. 42 color images. Foreword by Nancy A. Corwin. Introduction by Gerhardt Knodel. Essays by Bhakti Ziek and Margo Mensing.
Price $15.00 Shipping $4.00

JØRGEN RØMER: The Subtle Gesture, 1998
28 pages. 1 b/w image. 4 color images. Essay in English and Danish by Lasse B. Antonsen.
Price: $8.00 Shipping: $3.00

OPEN SECRETS: Drawings and Etchings by Paula Rego, 1999
76 pages. 46 b/w images. 9 color images. Essay by Memory Holloway and Ruth Rosengarten.
Price: $15.00 Shipping: $4.00

OLEG VASSILIEV: The Past Isn’t Dead. It Isn’t Even Past, 2000
36 pages. 1 b/w image. 11 color images. Foreword by Lasse B. Antonsen. Essay by Amei Wallach. Text by Oleg Vassiliev.
Price: $10.00 Shipping: $3.00

NANCY SPERO: Selected works from Codex Artaud 1971-72, 2001
24 pages. 1 b/w image. 6 color images. Essay by Amei Wallach.
Price: $9.00 Shipping: $3.00

PER KIRKEBY: Large Scale Monotypes 1993, Etchings from Feldbuch 1994, Poems from Now The Painters Rise 1994, 2002
24 pages. 1 b/w image. 6 color images. 11 poems by Per Kirkeby.
Price: $9.00 Shipping: $3.00

36 pages (oversized). 25 b/w images with text by the artist. Essay on the artist by Michel Foucault (1982).
Price$15.00 Shipping $5.00

CRAFT TRANSFORMED: PROGRAM IN ARTISANRY: Boston University 1975-1985, Swain School of Design 1985-1988, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 1988-2002, 2003
60 pages. 48 color images. Introduction by Jennifer L. Atkinson and Lasse B. Antonsen. Essays by Jonathan Leo Fairbanks, Barbara B. Goldberg and Gail M. Brown.
Price: $15.00 Shipping $5.00

If interested in any of these catalogs, please write out a check for the price plus shipping to: Art Gallery – UMASSD, and mail it to:
University Art Gallery
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
715 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

If you are interested in more than one catalog, please call the gallery for information on combined shipping cost.

Tlön Editions

Tlön Editions was founded in 1997 by Janine Wong, Marc St.Pierre, and Lasse B. Antonsen, three faculty members at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, representing the departments of Design, Fine Arts and Art History, as well as the University Art Gallery. Since 2002, Mark Millstein, from the Design Department, has also been associated with the project. Three projects have been finished:

1997.1 Wherever You Are Not

Luca Buvoli,
Born in Brescia, Italy, 1963
Lives in New York City

This multiple was created as the poster for the film,Wherever You Are Not, which is part of the “Not-a-Superhero” comic book series. The first trial proof of the lithograph, with added collage elements, served as a poster outside John Weber Gallery in New York during the artist's exhibition, Wherever You Are Not. The poster was updated regularly by the artist with text additions such as “ten more days,” “last day,” etc. The poster trial proof ½ was destroyed at the end of the exhibition. The exhibition was on view April 26 – May 24, 1997 Published by Tlön Editions at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in an edition of 18, with two trial proofs, one artist's proof and two printer's proof. The full edition was finished in early April 1997. The two-color lithograph was printed by Marc St.Pierre, assisted by Lasse B. Antonsen, on BFK Rives Grey, with wire and plastic elements added by the artist. The image on the box was flocked with carborundum. Collage elements were added by the artist.

Price: $100.00

1997.2 All Things

Anton Vidokle,
Born in Moscow, Russia, 1965
Lives in New York City

This book, All Things, is based on a text fragment from Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy.

Images are etchings on Rives Lightweight with a silkscreen cover on Japanese Hosho paper, printed by Marc St.Pierre. Text is handset letterpress set by Kathryn M. Anderson. The book was assembled and bound by Marc St.Pierre, Lasse B. Antonsen, and Janine Wong.

Published by Tlön Editions at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in an edition of 20, with trial edition I-IV, one artist's proof, three printer's proofs, one B.A.T. 
The full edition was completed December 1997.

Price: $150.00

1997.3 Hilur

Cecilia Vicuña,
Born in Santiago de Chile, 1948
Lives in New York City

This scroll consists of text handwritten by the artist in russet ink on Chinese writing paper wrapped with interleafing tissue.

The text reads: Threads become words and words become threads - on the other side. The title, Hilur, mixes the Spanish hilo with the English lure.
Published by Tlön Editions, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, in an edition of 35, with four artist's proofs and one studio proof.

The edition was done on the occasion of the artist's installation K'isa at the University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, October 27 - December 12, 1997
The full edition was completed December 1997

Price: $75.00

We are currently finishing a series of three prints by Mark Dion. Expected completion date: October 2004.

If interested in any of the limited editions, please write out to a check to: 
Art Gallery - UMASSD, for the amount of the edition plus shipping ($15.00), and mail it to:

University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 715 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA 02740

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