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Jing Wang

Associate Professor


computer musicExperimental Intermedia Ensemble



College of Visual & Performing Arts 204C


2009University of North TexasD.M.A.
2003Northern Illinois UniversityM.M.
1996China Central Conservatory of MusicB.M.


  • Computer Music
  • Acoustic Composition
  • Music Theory
  • World Music



Exploration of a variety of computer applications that can be utilized by musicians. After learning to use a music notation program, students investigate MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology. The course also covers roles of musical representation and organization through the means of notation and data.

An introduction to tonal harmony, including elements of pitch and rhythm, triads, voice leading and harmonic progression. This is the first of four courses in music theory required of all music majors.

An exploration of the chromatic aspects of tonal harmony, including secondary functions, modulation, and mode mixture. Formal structures such as binary and ternary form will also be studied. Compositional exercises will be required.

An expansion of harmonic vocabulary, including ninths, elevenths, and other higher-order chords, chromatic procedures of the nineteenth century and extensions of harmonic principles into the twentieth century. Compositional exercises will be required.

An introduction to range, function, and transposition of instrumentals. Scoring projects will be assigned and selected scores will be analyzed.


Research Interests

  • Composition for film/video and dance
  • Interactive music performance system
  • Acoustic composition for solo and chamber ensemble
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Music analysis from early music to contemporary music

Jing Wang, a composer and virtuoso erhu artist, was born in China. Ms. Wang has participated in numerous musical communities, as a composer and a performer of diverse styles of music. Her compositions have been selected and presented in China, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Romania, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and throughout the United States. They have also been recognized by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, Electro-acoustic Miniatures International Contest Spain, the MagikalCharm Film & Video Festival, and the Lumen Prize. She was the winner of Pauline Oliveros Prize given by the International Alliance for Women in Music and has been awarded the MacDowell Colony Fellowship, the Vilcek Foundation Fellowship, and the Omi International Musicians Residency Fellowship.

As an active erhu performer, she has introduced the Chinese indigenous erhu into Western contemporary music scene with her wide array of compositions for chamber ensemble, avant-garde jazz improvisations and multicultural ensembles. She has also successfully performed erhu concertos with several symphony orchestras in the United States.

Ms. Wang is currently an Associate Professor of Music at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she teaches electroacoustic music, composition, and music theory.

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