Scott Ahrens


Art & Design




College of Visual & Performing Arts 306A





Graphic Design basics. Introduction to icon development, packaging design, information design. Students are introduced to communication concepts of audience, form and content, and semiotics. Handcraft is reinforced and vector-based design technology is introduced.

Introduction to Digital Games. Visual Design for Games emphasizes the design and production of game assets and documentation. The course includes the creation of concept art, playable and non-playable characters, environments and level design. Students will produce playable prototypes constructed within a game engine.

Visual representation of data. Explores design strategies with an emphasis on designing information for complex and dynamic systems. Assignments focus on research and content analysis, selecting and editing, organization, and the visual representation of static, dynamic, and interactive data. Issues such as how design can help people read data, and how data becomes information will be addressed.

Pragmatic business aspects, skills needed for a career in design. Students create self-promotional materials and portfolios; write resumes, proposals, contracts and correspondence; and improve presentation, interview and job search skills. The course includes production practices, marketing methodologies, and professional etiquette and ethics; field trips to printers/vendors and design studios; and presentations from visiting professionals.

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