2019 2019: Faculty highlights

2019 2019: Faculty highlights
Faculty highlights

Recent publications, presentations, and professional development by UMass Law faculty

Professor Ho
Prof. Jeremiah Ho with a student


Professor Irene Scharf published her article "Second Class Citizenship? The Plight of Naturalized Special Immigrant Juveniles" in the Cardozo Law Review. Focusing on the impacts of discrimination on Naturalized Specialized Immigrant Juveniles, the article examined what it means to be a citizen of the United States and what rights and privileges are lawfully inherent with citizenship. Read more

Professor Richard J. Peltz-Steele published comparative research in the Villanova Law Review proposing reform of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inspired by South African law. The research examines an emerging legal norm in Africa concerning information management in the private sector and urges that U.S. law take account of the same principle. Read more

Professor Justine Dunlap published an article in the Standard Times on the importance of funding civil legal aid for low-income people, explaining why supporting the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation benefits not only the people in need but also the Commonwealth as a whole. Read more


Associate Dean Shaun Spencer presented on consumer privacy legislation at Ohio State University’s Center for Ethics and Human Values. He described the evolving uses of consumer data over the last two decades, how newly enacted privacy laws in Europe and California have set the stage for Congress to pass the first comprehensive federal consumer privacy legislation, and the various forms that such legislation could take. Read more

Professor Margaret Drew presented for the American Bar Association on the intersection of HIV/AIDS and intimate partner abuse. She discussed confidentiality issues and the challenges people living with HIV/AIDS face when seeking court relief. Read more

Professor Jeremiah Ho presented to new lawyers on implicit bias and diversity in the legal profession as part of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Practicing with Professionalism Program. Read more

Professional development

Professor Hillary Farber spent the Spring 2019 semester on sabbatical in southern Arizona providing pro bono legal representation to detainees facing deportation proceedings in immigration court. She worked with the Florence Immigrant Refugee and Representation Project, a non-profit organization based in Tucson, Arizona. Read more

Professor Ralph Clifford received a grant for his study: "An Exploration of the Existence of Creativity in Computer Programming and its Legal Implications.” to study the creative process of software development to gain insight on copyright laws. Read more

Professor Rebecca Flanagan was named co-director of the annual New York Academic Support Workshop, the oldest regional ASP workshop in the country. Read more

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