Rice Calls for ABA Leadership in Developing Best Practices for Alternative Processes for Bar Admission at ABA Young Lawyers Division Mid-Year Assembly

Rice represents UMass Law with a presentation at ABA Young Lawyers Division Mid-Year Assembly.

Professor John Rice


UMass Law Professor John Rice presented a six-minute oral argument at the ABA Young Lawyers Division Mid-Year Assembly opposing the overbroad language of "Resolution 21-11YL: Bar Exam Measures” and calling upon the ABA to take leadership initiative in developing model rules and best practices for administering bar examinations and bar admissions. Professor Rice showed support for re-examining bar exam and licensing procedures, while arguing that more definitive language and concrete recommendations were necessary for this resolution. He also suggested that the ABA was in a unique position to provide national leadership and resources for making meaningful improvements to existing conditions. He presented his argument on the ABA Young Lawyer's Division Facebook Live and presented an amendment to the resolution that the ABA lead bar examiners and admission authorities to develop standards that are both equitable to candidates while also ensuring public confidence in the profession. The resolution, with Professor Rice’s amendment, passed with overwhelming margins and may be presented to the ABA House of Delegates at its Annual Meeting in August.


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