UMass Law hosts 2017 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Colloquium in Boston

UMass Law hosts faculty from across university system to present interdisciplinary legal research in progress at colloquium in Boston

UMass Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Colloquium 2017, Boston: Lisa Maya Knauer, Jeremiah Ho, John Brigham, and Christyne J. Vachon
UMass Dartmouth Professor Lisa Maya Knauer, UMass Law Professor Jeremiah Ho, UMass Amherst Political Science Professor John Brigham, and UMass Law Professor Christyne J. Vachon

UMass Law School hosted the third annual Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Colloquium at the UMass System Office in Boston in March.  The colloquium brings together faculty from across the UMass campuses from different disciplines, colleges, and schools, all working on research projects that touch on law and legal studies.  Faculty are able to workshop presentations, exchange ideas with colleagues in an informal setting, and network to form new collaborations.

Presenters from UMass Law included Professors Margaret Drew, Richard J. Peltz-Steele, and Christyne J. Vachon.  Professor Jeremiah Ho moderated a panel, and Dean Eric Mitnick attended the program, interacted with presenters, and welcomed participants over lunch.  The program was devised and coordinated by the UMass Law Faculty Development Committee, which comprises Professors Ho, Peltz-Steele, and Vachon, as well as Professor Julie Baker, Associate Dean Spencer Clough, and Assistant Dean Misty Peltz-Steele.

This year's presenters and presentations included the following, in order of scheduled presentation.

Paul M. Collins, Jr.

Dept. of Political Science, UMass Amherst

Backwards & in High Heels:  Implicit Bias at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Dilshod Achilov

Dept. of Political Science, UMass Dartmouth

Revisiting the Nexus Between Support for Sharia Law and Democracy in the Muslim World

J. Shoshanna Ehrlich

College of Liberal Arts, UMass Boston

Ministering (In)Justice:  The Supreme Court Misreliance on Abortion Regret

Susan Gallagher

Dept. of Political Science, UMass Lowell

Free Speech & Political Correctness in The Age of Trump:  What Happens When Justice Becomes a Meme

Jamie Rowen

Dept. of Political Science, UMass Amherst

Guilt Justice:  War in a Veterans Court

Richard J. Peltz-Steele

School of Law, UMass Dartmouth

The Frakking Futility of Punishing Profanity

Elizabeth Bussiere

College of Liberal Arts, UMass Boston

Why the Power Shifted:  From Juries to Judges

Lisa Maya Knauer

Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Crime & Justice Studies, UMass Dartmouth

Deportation Regimes & Immigrant Communities:  From the 2007 NB ICE Raid to the Trump Presidency

John Brigham

Dept. of Political Science, UMass Amherst

Activism & Critique in Legal Studies

Leah Wing

Dept. of Political Science, UMass Amherst

Ethical Principles for Online Dispute Resolution

Christyne J. Vachon

School of Law, UMass Dartmouth

Is Knowing Half the Battle?:  Provenance Meets Governance

School of Law School of Law Faculty