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CVPA Campus Gallery

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The emphasis of the CVPA Campus Gallery is given to works that celebrate the talents and creativity of members of the CVPA community.

Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday 10:00am-4:00pm, Friday 10:00am-12:00pm. These hours are through the academic year when classes are in session. The gallery is closed in the summer. All CVPA Campus Gallery programming (including exhibitions, receptions, and lectures) is free of charge and open to the public.

The CVPA Campus Gallery is located on the main campus of UMass Dartmouth at 285 Old Westport Road, North Dartmouth. The gallery can be found on the first floor of the Visual and Performing Arts building. Patrons are advised to use parking lot 7. For more information, please contact Viera Levitt at 508.999.8555.

Exhibition Proposal Guidelines - PDF file


Exhibition dates may vary slightly. Please check CVPA Calendar of Events to varify dates, times and exhibition receptions.

9/4/14 – 9/19/14

Studio Art Foundations: Student Exhibition

9/25/14 – 10/17/14

Sabbatical Exhibition
Richard Creighton, Alma Davenport, Jim Lawton, Cathy Smilan
Reception: Thursday, Oct 2, 4-6 pm, Artist Talk 5 pm

10/23/14 – 11/6/14

What are you thinking?
Exhibition of Artisanry Alumni
Reception: Thursday, Oct 30, 4-6 pm, Artist Talk 5 pm

11/12/14 – 12/5/14

Igniting The Passion
An exhibition by fine arts faculty alongside select works by young apprentices
Reception: Thursday, Dec 4
, 4-6 pm, Artist Talk 5 pm



1/26/14 – 2/1/14

Emerging Young Artists: 2014 Invitational Exhibition

High School Invitational Virtual Exhibition

2/6/14 – 2/24/14

Explorations 2014 
Selected undergraduate student work in Fibers, Furniture, Ceramics and Jewelry

2/28/14 – 3/12/14

Artist/Teacher/Researcher: Visualizing Experience

Art Education Student Exhibition

3/24/14 – 4/7/14

Fine Arts Rising: The Junior Class

4/15/14 – 5/2/14

Swain School of Design; Art History Seminar Exhibition

5/10/14 & 5/17/14

Senior Design Exhibition 
Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration, and Digital Media work (gallery and CVPA building)

9/5/12 – 9/21/12

Studio Art Foundations Program Student Work

9/24/12 – 10/18/12

INX Battle Lines: 30 Years of Political Illustration

10/19/12 – 11/11/12

Here, There and Back Again
Artisanry Faculty and Alumni Exhibition

11/12/12 – 12/18/12

Sabbatical Exhibition: Jean-Francois Allaux, Tony Miraglia, Laura Franz and Rebecca Hutchinson

1/23/13 – 2/08/13

Art-Based Research: Master of Art Education 2013 Art Exhibit

2/14/13 – 2/22/13

Artisanry Department: Explorations

3/1/13 – 3/14/13

High School Invitational Art Exhibition

3/27/13 - 4/7/13

Together: Junior Artists of the Department of Visual Design
Featuring recent student work from Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Media, and Photography

4/16/13 – 4/22/13

Concrete Dreamin’: Umass Dartmouth
Art History Senior Seminar exhibition

4/29/13 – 5/8/13


Art Education Faculty Exhibition

5/9/13 -5/12/13


Commencement show (DES)

9/4/13 – 9/19/13

Studio Art Foundations: Student Work Exhibition

9/25/13 – 10/23/13

In Memory: The Photography of David Allen

10/29/13 – 11/9/13

Design for the Future: Create Now
MAEA Members Exhibition (exhibition website link)

11/14/13 – 11/22/13

Together: Junior Artists of the Department of Visual Design

11/26/13 – 12/9/13

Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition