Student Life

Student life

At UMass Law, student life is centered around developing a professional identity as you grow in knowledge of the law.

The sense of community is strong. Study groups begin to form. Professors become advisors, mentors, and guides. Student organizations enhance your interests and aspirations.

The opportunities to gain practical experience are wide-ranging: clinics, field placements, pro bono work, and legal skills program.

The commitment to justice is real. UMass Law prepares lawyers ready to pursue justice through research, practice, public service, professional partnerships, advocacy for legal access, and contributions to social and economic development.

Student Life Links

Academic calendar & schedules

UMass Law follows its own academic calendar, different from UMass Dartmouth's calendar.

Academic resources

The Academic Resources department provides instruction, guidance, and encouragement as students confront the rigors of the study of law.

Bar admission information

Learn more about registration and qualifications for admission to the bar.


Important dates and details: the application to graduate, checklist for graduates, caps and gowns, and more.

Complaint resolution

It is important for students to learn how to become advocates for their own needs. Our duty is to treat those requests with dignity and respect.

Law Enrollment Center (LEC)

The LEC handles class registration, transcript requests, and student record-keeping.


Welcome! Orientation introduces you to the fundamental skills you need as you begin your legal education.

Parking & transportation

Details about parking decals and transportation from the main campus.

Public Interest Law Fellowships

These fellowships prepare students for careers in public service.

Quick links

Looking for a web page? Check the quick links list.

Student Handbook  (PDF)

UMass Law students are responsible for being thoroughly familiar with the Student Handbook.

Student organizations

Advance skills, explore issues, and promote understanding through participation in UMass Law's student organizations.

Student practitioners

Senior law students: explore your eligibility to appear in civil and criminal proceedings on behalf of the Commonwealth or indigent parties.

Student services at UMass Dartmouth

As members of the UMass Dartmouth community, UMass Law students are welcome to access services and facilities at the main campus.