Prof. Emerita Renata R. M. Wasserman: Interview on 97.3 WJFD-FM

Contraponto program series. April 18, 2021 at 11:00 am

Renata Wasserman

Renata R. M. Wasserman, born and raised in Brazil, is professor emerita of English and comparative literature at Wayne State University. Part of her job, she thought, was to acquaint her students with writing from places and languages other than their own—whose great writers, she explained, had always read widely and not only their own national literatures. Translation is one of the entries into knowledge of what is “other” in time, place, or culture. Ana Maria Machado’s Freedom Sun in the Tropics offers such knowledge and, in some of what it tells, the disquieting question: “What if it is not so ‘other’—in time or in space?” Wasserman is the author of Central at the Margin: Five Brazilian Women Writers, and Exotic Nations: Literature and Cultural Identity in the United States and Brazil, 1830-1930.

Please join WJFD host Irene Amaral and guest translator Renata R. M. Wasserman for a discussion of Freedom Sun in the Tropics (Tagus Press, 2020).

Audio Interview (WJFD):

To purchase Freedom Sun in the Tropics, please visit the University of Massachusetts Press website by clicking HERE. The book can also be purchased on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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