Writer's Corner Writer's Corner: Prof. Maria João Dodman: Interview on 97.3 WJFD-FM

Writer's Corner Writer's Corner: Prof. Maria João Dodman: Interview on 97.3 WJFD-FM
Prof. Maria João Dodman: Interview on 97.3 WJFD-FM

Contraponto program series. March 22, 2022 at 11:00 am

Maria Joao Dodman

Dr. Maria João Dodman is Associate Professor at York University’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics in Toronto, Canada. 

She holds a PhD from the University of Toronto.  She teaches a variety of culture, literature and cinema courses in the program of Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies. 

She is a native of the Azores, Portugal, and she immigrated to Canada in 1989. 

Her research interests and publication record include Renaissance literature, colonial encounters and representations of beauty, ugliness and otherness in early modern Iberian literature. In addition, Dr. Dodman is also interested in contemporary Azorean culture and literature with emphasis on the works of writer José Dias de Melo. 

Dr. Dodman’s Island roots continue to be a major force behind her creative endeavors as well. 

Her creative writing pays homage to the Azores, her place of birth. 

The islands are constructed as magical places that defy time and transcend the limits of imagination. 

Dr. Dodman believes that fiction plays a vital role in the betterment of humanity by providing a medium for questioning and exposing injustice, while striving to motivate compassion and human values in an ever-increasing disconnected world. 

She is the recipient of several recognitions, including the Insignia of Professional Merit from the Government of the Azores 2018.


Please join WJFD host Irene Amaral and Prof. Maria João Dodman for a discussion on Dark Stones, by Dias de Melo (Tagus Press, 2022).

- Audio Interview (WJFD): https://www.mixcloud.com/cpsc/contraponto-interview-with-prof-maria-joao-dodman-on-dark-stones-tagus-press-2022/

To purchase a print copy of Dark Stones, please visit the University of Massachusetts Press website by clicking HERE. For Amazon purchases please click HERE.

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