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CVPA Fall Semester Info

CVPA Fall Semester Info

The University is working to support students, staff, and faculty affected by the relocation of Star Store facilities.
View information on relocation, student services, recent university communications.

On August 14, 2023, after state funding that supported UMass Dartmouth’s presence in the Star Store was withdrawn, the university announced that the building in downtown New Bedford would no longer house courses or support University activities.

The Star Store is a wonderful facility, and we know that this unexpected news, coming right before the start of a new academic year, has been very disappointing for many CVPA students, faculty, and staff. We are doing all we can to support the affected students, staff, and faculty. We are working around the clock to ensure that we can relocate classrooms, studios, equipment, supplies, and artwork to other appropriate locations before the fall semester begins.

Information on relocation, student services, campus communications, and more will be added to this website as it becomes available.

Relocated Classes:

PrefixNumberSection & Course TitleInstructorDaysTimeLocation
AED40801B - Practicum Preparation SeminarCathy SmilanM4 p.m.CVPA 354
ARH50001 - Meth&Theory In Art HistAnna M DempseyW9 a.m.CVPA 103
ART50501 - Graduate Seminar IGabriel Eduardo CamnitzerTh9:30 a.m.Virtual
ART50701 - PBC Graduate Seminar IGabriel Eduardo CamnitzerTh9:30 a.m.Virtual
ART51501 - Writing SeminarWalker P DowneyM2 p.m.CVPA 103
AXD32801 - Textile ScreenprintingKelsey Diane ThorntonMW12:30 p.m.CHANGED to: AXD 300
AXD30001 - Special Topics: Wearable ArtKelsey Diane ThorntonMW6 p.m.TXT-001
AXD37601 - Technical Design for FashionSydney Lee HawesMW9:30 a.m.CVPA 101
IAD31501 - Furniture Design & Human FactorsTyler InmanF9:30 a.m.CHANGED to: IAD 320
IAD31502 - Furniture Design & Human FactorsSerra FelsM1 p.m.CHANGED to: IAD 320
IAD32001 - Environmental Building SystemsTaylor LucasF1 p.m.CVPA 352
AXD23101 - WheelthrowingTBDMW6 p.m.CVPA 306
AXD23201 - Hand Methods in ClayTBDTuTh6:30 p.m.CVPA 306
AXD27401 - Apparel ConstructionTBDMW1:30 p.m.Marketplace North
AXD27501 - Flat Pattern DraftingAleta May Deyo MW9:30 a.m.Marketplace North
AXD27701 - Art of Couture DrapingAleta May Deyo TuTh9:30 a.m.Marketplace North
AXD37701 - Fashion Collection:DevelopmentAleta May Deyo TuTh12:30 p.m.Marketplace North
AXD47701 - Fash Dsgn Capstone:DevelopmentAleta May Deyo TuTh12:30 p.m.Marketplace North
AXD22601 - Woven ClothPaula BeckerTuTh3:30 p.m.CHANGED to: AXD 225
AXD22501 - Textiles BootcampPaula BeckerTuTh3:30 p.m.CVPA 306
AXD40003 - Advanced Topics in Art and DesignElena Peteva    MW9 a.m.CVPA 356
AXD40009 - Advanced Topics in Art and DesignElena Peteva    MW9 a.m.CVPA 356
AXD23301 - Jewelry/Metals Alan ThompsonMW12 p.m.CVPA 103



If you are a student, staff or faculty member, or the parent, guardian, or family member of an affected student, please feel free to direct specific questions about the move and the fall semester to and we will respond as quickly as we are able.