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You may receive an additional request for one or more of the follow forms. Your To-Do list in COIN will describe which forms are required.

Complete the 2018-2019 forms for enrollment during the Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and/or Summer 2019 semesters.

Verification Worksheet - Dependent

Verification Worksheet - Independent

Household Resources Worksheet

Asset Worksheet

Child Support Verification Worksheet

Proof of Support for Child or Dependent

Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose

SNAP Benefits Verification Worksheet

Appeal for Independent Status

Continuation of Independent Status

Parent Info Not Provided on FAFSA Worksheet

Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Citizenship Affidavit Form

Student Nonfiler

Parent Nonfiler

Confirmation of Future Summer Attendance

Reevaluation Request Form

Gainful Employment Disclosure Acknowledgement Form

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