Biotechnology Option

Biotechnology is a broad term used to describe an industry that uses a vast range of biological and engineering principles to improve the human condition.  This industry performs activities that range from pharmaceutical therapies to the development of instruments or methods that detect disease.

Students in the biotechnology option take classes that focus on molecular biology, statistics, chemistry, and other medical laboratory science topics.  This combination of courses combined with a final practicum experience at a biotechnology industrial site will prepare the student for practice within this rapidly advancing field.

Massachusetts is widely considered one of the major hubs of the biotechnology industry, with over 300 biotechnology companies within its borders.  As such, graduates leave this program well prepared to find career opportunities in their own backyard.


The first seven semesters of the curriculum are the same as that for students pursuing the Clinical Laboratory Science option.

In the second semester of the senior year, students in the biotechnology option take the following four courses:

  • MLS 471 - Introduction to Biotechnology
  • MLS 472 - Biotechnology Practicum I
  • MLS 473 - Biotechnology Practicum I
  • MLS 474 - Issues in Biotechnology
  • MLS 450 - Senior Seminar


All students must be recommended by the department chairperson to an approved biotechnology industrial site. The university cannot guarantee placement in an approved biotechnology industrial site.