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Admission to the program

Entrance into Medical Laboratory Science Options

In addition to the general course requirements for admission, the Department of Medical Laboratory Science specifically requires 2 units of Natural Science and 3 units of College Preparatory Mathematics, which must include 2 units of algebra. For more information about the admissions process, visit the Admissions and Undergraduate websites.

Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students seeking admission to the medical laboratory science major must meet the same entrance requirements as those who apply as freshmen. Credits earned in another college may be accepted as transfer credits after evaluation of official transcripts. All required medical laboratory science courses must be taken at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, unless approved by the department.

Health Policies

Students admitted to Medical Laboratory Science programs are expected to have a complete physical examination and the appropriate immunizations as outlined by the department.

Admission information for the online MLT to MLS program:

Medical Laboratory Science MLT-MLS BS (Online)







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