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Faculty members in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences are engaged in research activities in three broad areas:

  • chronic illness: living with chronic illness, experiences of caregivers, management of chronic illness and symptoms
  • nursing education: outcomes and evaluation, innovations in nursing education, nursing workforce preparation and retention
  • global health: working with vulnerable populations, creating sustainable partnerships, health promotion and health policy, "global/local" health

Support for this work comes from a variety of sources:

  • the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education
  • professional groups, foundations, and community agencies 

Our Medical Laboratory Science faculty are engaged in research in the following areas;

  • health and diversity
  • pathophysiology: hormone levels in response to stress, bleeding and clotting disorders
  • infectious disease: emerging infectious disease, infection prevention and control, prospective antimicrobial products against biofilm formation, collabrations with the UMass Dartmouth Cranberry Health Research Center

Students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels have opportunities to work with faculty on research projects.

Our faculty are recognized experts in their fields and are actively involved in service projects in southeastern Massachusetts and beyond. They serve as consultants for our practice partners and professional groups. Faculty members are frequently invited speakers at professional meetings and present peer-reviewed poster and podium presentations throughout the U.S. They publish regularly in a variety of professional journals. Many faculty also volunteer for local, regional, national, and international health initiatives.


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