Elizabethe Plante


Elizabethe Plante, MS she/her

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

College of Nursing & Health Sciences





Modular Unit #3 007

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Minnesota State UniversityMS Sociology
Minnesota State UniversityBS Sociology/Psychology


  • Sociology: Race, Gender, Class and Social Change
  • Woman and Gender Studies
  • Strategies in College & Career


Research interests

  • Bystander Intervention
  • Violence Against Women and Social Change

Select publications

  • Banyard, V. L., Ward, S., Cohn. E. S., Plante, E. G., Moorhead, C., & Walsh, W. (2007).
    Unwanted sexual contact on campus: A comparison of women’s and men’s experiences.
    Violence and Victims, 22, 53-71.
  • Banyard, V. L., Plante, E. G., Cohn, E. S., Moorhead, C., Ward, S., & Walsh, W. (2005).
    Revisiting unwanted sexual experiences on campus: A twelve-year follow-up.
    Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal, 11, 426-446.
  • Banyard, V. L., Plante, E.G., & Moynihan, M.M. (2003).
    Bystander education: Bringing a broader community perspective to sexual violence prevention
    Journal of Community Psychology, 32, 61-79.
  • Moynihan, M. M., Banyard, V. L., & Plante, E. G. (2007).
    Preventing dating violence: A university example of community approaches
    In Kendall-Tackett & Giacomoni (Eds.), Intimate Partner Violence, 17-1 - 17-15
  • Potter, S. J., Plante, E. G., & Caffrey, E. M (2003).
    Integrating service learning in the research methods course.
    Teaching Sociology, 3