Susan Hunter Revell

Susan Hunter Revell, PhD


College of Nursing & Health Sciences / Adult




Dion 202B


2007University of Rhode IslandPhD
1997University of Massachusetts DartmouthMS
1992Fitchburg State CollegeBS


  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Nursing theory
  • Nursing research





Analyzes methods of theory construction, synthesis and evaluation to further knowledge development in nursing. Designs theoretical strategies to explore phenomena of interest and expand the scientific body of nursing knowledge. Explores the relationship between theoretical thinking and emerging trends shaping nursing science and practice. Emphasizes detailing the theoretical influences on a substantive area of interest.

Select publications

  • Doherty, D.P., & Hunter Revell, S.M., McCurry, M.K., & Asselin, M. ((in press)).
    Exploring the charge nurse role transition: A qualitative study of the novice’s perspective.
    Journal of Nursing Professional Development.
  • Hunter Revell, S.M., & McCurry, M.K. (2021).
    Nursing science, mental illness, and the family: A conceptual framework for improving health and quality of life.
    Nursing Science Quarterly, 34 (1), 59-66.
  • Doherty, D.P., & Hunter Revell, S.M. (2020).
    Developing nurse leaders: Toward a theory of authentic leadership empowerment
    Nursing Forum, 55, 416-424.
  • McCurry, M.K., & Hunter Revell, S.M. (2015).
    Partners in family caregiving: A conceptual framework.
    The Journal of Theory Construction & Testing, 19(1), 21-25.
  • Hunter Revell, S.M. (2013).
    Making meaning in qualitative research with conversational partnerships: A methodological discussion
    Advances in Nursing Science, 36 (2), E54-E65.
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