Quick links for current students

As a student at UMass Law, you have access to a number of services and resources provided directly at the law campus.

As a member of the UMass Dartmouth community, you have access to additional services and resources on the main campus.

The following links will help you navigate between your two communities.

    Links @UMass Law

    Links @UMass Dartmouth

Academic resources

Academic Calendar

Academic Course Frequency Guide (PDF)

Academic Resources & Writing Center

Administration & Staff


Credit Hours Policy



Fall First Assignments 2016 (PDF)

Law Library

Registration Information & Enrollment Services (Fall 2016) (PDF)

Semester Course Frequency Guide (PDF)

UMass Law Student Handbook (PDF)

Daily life

Academic Integrity Policy

Campus Map


Frederick Douglass Unity House

Law School Shuttle Service 2015-2016 (PDF)

Office of Student Affairs

Student Conduct Policies & Procedures - Student Code of Conduct

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Your UMass Pass

Services & resources

Available Scholarships and Fellowships

Career Services

Complaints, dispute resolution
& accommodations

Financial Aid Services

IT at UMass Law

Law Enrollment Center

Outside Scholarships

Public Interest Summer Stipend

Residency Reclassification & Rules

Student jobs & recruiting

University services & resources

Housing & Residential Life

Jobs at UMass Dartmouth

Law School Parking

Public Safety

University Counseling Center

University Health Services


Online resources

Reservit: to reserve rooms on campus

University Directory

University Events Calendar

University Library Resources

Information technology

CITS: Computing & Information
Technology Services

ExamSoft‌ (PDF)

Going wireless

myCourses via myUMassD


Student organizations

More student organizations

Student Bar Association

University of Massachusetts Law Review

Bar resources

Bar admission information

Registering with state bar examiners

Student Practitioner Rules

For your further information

About the South Coast region

Campus and community





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