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Erik Domingues


After graduating from UMassD I attended the University of Massachusetts Medical School and graduated with a degree in medicine in 2010. I am currently a third year dermatology resident at UMass Medical Center and will be completing residency and entering practice in 2014.

On UMass Dartmouth Chemistry...

Chemistry at UMassD was an awesome experience preparing me for a future in medicine. It was at UMassD that I had my first experiences with research and teaching. I had mentors who loved teaching and were always available for advice and help.

On the preparation that UMassD Chem provided...

UMassD chemistry propelled me into medical school and prepared me for my entrance exam and the numerous medical school courses. My research, teaching, and tutoring experiences at UMassD helped solidify my interest in academic medicine and desire to perform clinical research in dermatology.



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